WordPress 301 – WordPress Ecommerce Design with WooCommerce

Class Description
Building an online store can be difficult, wrought with complex conundrums – however with the combination of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, Participants will learn how easy it can actually be! This 2-day course delivers the knowledge Users require to set up optimize their Ecommerce experience through the use of WooCommerce, a revolutionizing plugin for WordPress.

Course Benefits
WooCommerce, among other things, will assist in keeping a bird’s eye view of incoming sales and reviews, stock levels, general store performance, and statistics from the WordPress dashboard. This course will cover everything from creating and adding simple and complex product, to setting up payment and shipping methods.

Once a store has been correctly set up, participants will learn how to process client orders, look at – and act upon – the reports, and even expand the functionality further with additional plugins.

Who Should Attend
This course is intended for users with an existing WordPress website, wanting to add amazing e-commerce functionality to their current E-commerce circumstances. As a Prerequisite, it is assumed that you already have some experience using WordPress and the functions pertaining.

Suggested Prerequisites
Knowledge up to and including: WordPress 101 is recommended to find reasonable success in this course!

Course Outline
Our aim is for the students to get the most out of the class, so class material can have a measure of fluidity, but Participants will learn:

Setting up WooCommerce

  • Preparing for takeoff
  • Installing WooCommerce
  • Setting up WooCommerce

Creating your first products

  • Setting up categories
  • Creating your first product
  • Setting up categories, tags, and product images

Other product types

  • Workng with tags
  • Using attributes
  • Setting up variable products
  • Other product types

Payments, shipping, and coupons

  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods and prices
  • Using discount coupons

Working with Woocommerce themes

  • Making or buying a theme
  • finding and selecting WooCommerce themes
  • Installing a WooCommerce theme
  • working with theme settings

Customize or Create a WooCommerce Theme

  • What we need to get started
  • WordPress theme basics
  • Developing WooCommerce themes

Running your online store

  • Adjust notification e-mails
  • Work with sales orders
  • Reporting

More possibilities using Plugins

  • Where to find WooCommerce plugins
  • Popular and useful WooCommerce Plugins

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Our goal is to make sure your class meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are treated as guides to help steer the workshop. This outline does not guarantee that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered is based on the skill level of the student audience. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation.