Unity 201 – Intermediate Unity

Class Description
This workshop focuses on identifying optimization issues within an existing project, touching on the most common issues developers run into during production and the best solutions to address them. By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have experience analyzing diagnostic data and applying various optimization techniques using Unity’s suite of Project diagnostic tools:

  • Stats Window
  • Memory Profiler
  • Profiler
  • Frame Debugger

Participants will also learn how to apply these optimization techniques to a variety of projects with different destination platforms.

Course Outline

  • Gain a broad understanding of optimization and its importance to development
  • Learn about the major optimization tools and their purposes
  • Identify common optimization problems and learn how to avoid them during development
  • Identify optimization problems in a complete project
  • Analyze discovered optimization issues and determine the best method to solve them
  • Use Unity Performance Reporting to analyze game data
  • Use platform specific debugging tools to analyze game data
  • Define how Unity can be used to improve visualization production pipelines
  • Work with assets from common Digital Content Creation Tools such as Alias
  • Develop real-time visualization-ready scenes in the Unity engine
  • Create, edit, assign and modify materials to create realistic models and visual environments
  • Use lighting to create realistic scenes

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