JavaScript 310 – Modern JavaScript Tools

Class Description
The goal of this 4-day course is to educate web developers about the numerous tools available to help them build, test, and maintain their web applications. While these tools can be categorized into distinct areas (such as JavaScript tools, JavaScript libraries, CSS tools, testing tools, build tools, etc.), there is a lot of overlap in the various tools’ behaviors and use cases. In addition, there are literally hundreds of tools available that perform the same task with minor differences. This course is designed to introduce the web developer to a subset of popular JavaScript tools in use today. It is the developer’s responsibility to research and vet what he or she believes to be the best tools for his or her particular purpose and environment.

Course Benefits

  • Learn to test and maintain Students website
  • Learn the industry best tools to use for website development and maintenance
  • Understand the differences in our the JavaScript tools available

Suggested Prerequisites
This course assumes that you are a desktop or mobile web developer or designer, fairly well versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-and in how they come together to create a web application. Student should have knowledge of and ability to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Course Outline

  • Modern JavaScript Primer
  • Utilities: The tools for our tools
  • Tools for building Web applications
  • CSS Tools
  • Task automation and build tools

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