JavaScript 102 – Advanced JavaScript

Class Description
In this 2-day Mobile Web Design & Development Fundamentals class Participants will survey the core principles and techniques essential to building web sites for mobile devices. This class introduces the mobile context, sheds light on its unique coding requirements, and discusses interface design techniques that enhance existing sites for mobile viewing. The course shows how to approach designing for mobile form factors such as smaller screens and finger-based interaction, along with how to incorporate CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities, such as geolocation, local storage, and media queries.

Course Benefits

  • Implement well-defined web standards
  • Work with Modernizer and Mobile Boilerplate
  • Build a first mobile web page
  • Understanding content adaptation strategies
  • Design forms for mobile
  • Detect client capabilities with script
  • Use server-side detection with PHP and ASP.NET
  • Work with mobile browser capabilities
  • View and test the mobile site on device emulators

Course Outline

  • Understanding the mobile context
  • Mobile Web Development Guidelines
  • Setting Up a Development Environment
  • Adapting Desktop Sites for Mobile Devices
  • Understanding Mobile Browser Capabilities
  • Putting It All into Practice

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