Ebook 151 – Publishing Kindle & Ebook Content

Class Description
This class is a cheat sheet for those who wish to prepare their own books for Kindle. It introduces some time-tested tricks for publishing well-formatted files that can be read easily on Kindle and other ebook devices.

Your ebook can be beautiful, if you know how. In this class will reveal to you the super-simple and easy step-by-step Kindle publishing process that I have developed to produce a great-looking book on Kindle as fast as possible.

Ebooks are based upon simple HTML, the base code for the Internet. For this reason, you don’t design a page, you format it. This class covers the following common (and not so common) problems of publishing on Kindle.

Course Benefits
Aside from the learning content, this comprehensive course will impart relevant knowledge, tips, and producitivity shortcuts based on a wealth of experience from our expert trainer! Learn how to create the content, and how best to utilize resources available to you! This course will definitely help you open a new life chapter!

List and market: publishing your book on Kindle

  • Kindle: Sales, Royalties, Taxes
  • Royalty Options
  • Sales Ranking
  • Sales, Royalties, and Payments Reports
  • Getting Paid
  • Tax Information

More on Publishing

  • Ebook Publishing FAQS
  • ISBN and ASIN numbers
  • How to Hire and Work With a Book Designer
  • The Path to Buying a Book

Promote Your Book

  • Merchandising Tips
  • Kindle Merchandising Programs
  • Managing the Availability of Your Book
  • Linking from Your Website
  • Linking Kindle and Print Editions
  • Amazon Programs
  • Customer Reviews

Sales, Royalties, Taxes

  • Royalty Options
  • Sales Ranking
  • Sales, Royalties, and Payments Reports

Getting Paid

  • Buy Box Eligibility for Third-Party Sellers
  • Tax Information
  • RockGlasses12
  • Publishing your book on Smashwords

Resources needed for class:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Calibre – Ebook management (free)
  • Internet access

Course Outline
Due to the comprehensive nature of this course, content will emphasize student needs and goals. General material covered:

DAY 1: Preparation
Introduction to Ebook Publishing

  • Kindle and Ebooks: What are They Good for?
  • Bad eBook! Things to Avoid
  • Good eBook! Practices that Make Great eBooks
  • Preparing your manuscript for Kindle
  • Formatting Word for Kindle publishing
  • How to strip out bad formatting in your Kindle book manuscript
  • Setting block paragraphs for your Kindle book
  • Custom fonts: yea or nay?
  • Font size for Kindle book design
  • How to format paragraphs for a Kindle book
  • How to include images in a Kindle book
  • How to convert your manuscript to EPUB format for Kindle
  • Dummy cover creation (for Day 2)
  • Submitting your manuscript

DAY 2: Corrections & Publishing

  • Reviewing proof
  • Making corrections
  • How to insert charts and graphs in your Kindle book
  • Links in Kindle books
  • Special characters and symbols
  • Designing a Book Cover for Kindle (Photoshop / InDesign)
  • Tip: design PSD for print book, crop a version down for ebook
  • Replacing dummy cover with new cover
  • Essential internal SEO: titles, subtitles, keywords, categories, descriptions
  • Kindle rules and recommended practices

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