Cloud Platform CPB 101 – Google Server-less Data Analysis with BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow

Class Description
This 1-day instructor led course builds upon the Cloud Platform CPB100 (a prerequisite). Through a combination of instructor-led presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, Participants learn how to carry out serverless data warehousing, analysis and pipeline processing.

Course Benefits

  • ​In the age of small business and big data, this course will afford participants, knowledge pivotal to staying competitive with regard to data, while saving time and/or money, on work-arounds or hardware.
  • This course will supply participants with an understanding of how they might best go about their Data analytics tasks, whilst creating pathways and modules that ease access at every step of the way.
  • Learn to use Dataflow, BigQuery, Programming language (Python/Java), and Cloud Pub/Sub to pave the way for smooth data parsing; both separately and in tandem.

Who Should Attend
This class is intended for data analysts, data scientists, and adept IT professionals responsible for: analyzing and visualizing big data, implementing cloud-based big data solutions, deploying or migrating big data applications to the public cloud, implementing and maintaining large-scale data storage environments, and transforming/processing large swaths of data.

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Experience using a SQL-like query language to analyze data
  • Knowledge of either Python or Java

Course Outline
 Participants will learn to:

  • Build up a complex BigQuery using clauses, inner selects, built-in functions and joins
  • Load and export data to/from BigQuery
  • Identify need for nested, repeated fields and user-defined functions
  • Understand pipeline processing, terms and concepts
  • Write pipelines in Java or Python and launch them locally or in the Cloud
  • Implement Map, Reduce transforms in Dataflow pipelines.
  • Join datasets as side inputs
  • Interoperate Dataflow, BigQuery and Cloud Pub/Sub for real-time streaming

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