Google Analytics 110 – Google Analytics

Class Description
This 1-day crash course Participants learn how to use the Google web analytics platform to generate and evaluate information about the visitors to a web site, including data on site traffic, user behavior, and marketing effectiveness. This course covers the out-of-the-box functionality, from account creation to reporting fundamentals, and explains how to glean insights from the vast array of data available.

Course Benefits

  • Creating a Tag Manager Account
  • Advanced segments and filters
  • Virtual page views and event tracking
  • Virtual pageviews.
  • Event tracking
  • Custom variables
  • Ecommerce tracking

Suggested Prerequisites
This class is appropriate for novice to intermediate level users of Google Analytics. We also recommend that you have a Google Analytics account before starting the class.

Course Outline

  • Intelligence Events
  • Google Tag Manager
  • eCommerce Tracking And Reporting
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Virtual Pageviews
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions and Metrics

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