FileMaker 210 – iPad and iPhone Development with FileMaker

Class Description
In this 2-day class Participants will learn to utilize Filemaker to create and develop iPad and iPhone applications.  This FileMaker Training Series is targeted at intermediate to advanced FileMaker developers, but anyone that creates databases can increase their knowledge from these time-tested materials.

Course Benefits

  • Perform Quick Finds
  • Saving Find requests
  • Data tables and fields
  • Database Design Report
  • Web Viewers
  • Set Script Trigger Options
  • Database solutions
  • Advance scripting techniques
  • Build solid and stable mobile applications

Suggested Prerequisites
Familiar with the basics and want a solid grounding in key development principles. An expert developer and want to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Comfortable with FileMaker Pro and want to advance your development skills.

Course Outline

  • Using FileMaker Pro
  • Working with Fields
  • Calculation Functions
  • Connectivity
  • Intermediate & Advanced Techniques
  • FileMaker Server
  • Data Modeling
  • FileMaker Server

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