MicroStation 301 – Microstation 3D Features

Class Description
Through a series of hands-on exercises, users will develop a solid understanding of the 3D capabilities of MicroStation. Users will navigate and work in a 3D design file, create and edit 3D curves, solids and surfaces in MicroStation, create parametric 3D models and develop a basic knowledge of the rendering capabilities of MicroStation. In addition, users will learn how to take their 3D data and apply Dynamic Views to create 2D drawings.

Course Benefits

  • Manage and control 3D views
  • Use AccuDraw in 3D
  • Apply curve tools to design problems
  • Ase Solid and Surface Modeling tools and techniques
  • Render 3D Models
  • Create Dynamic Views and export 3D data

Course Outline

  • 3D Basics
  • 3D View Control
  • AccuDraw in 3D
  • Basic 3D tools and Drawing
  • Introduction to Feature Modeling
  • Advanced Feature Modeling
  • Solid Construction and Modeling
  • Solid Utilities
  • Conceptual Modeling
  • Meshes
  • Surface Creation
  • Surface Modification and Blending
  • Visualizing a 3D Design
  • Creating Sheets, Exporting and 3D PDF

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