PhoneGap 101 – PhoneGap/Cordova- JavaScript for Mobile and Tablets

Class Description
In this 2-day class learn how to use the PhoneGap mobile application framework to create cross platform code for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and more by using familiar web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

Course Benefits

  • Basics of a PhoneGap Application
  • Working with a Device
  • Using Sensors
  • Capturing Audio, Images, and Video
  • Working with Files and Storage
  • Accessing Contacts
  • Building an Example App

Suggested Prerequisites
This course is for developers, ideally with web development experience, who are interested in developing for the mobile market. Participants should be comfortable with basic HTML and JavaScript.

Course Outline

  • Introducing PhoneGap
  • Installing and Configuring PhoneGap
  • Basic Walkthrough of Phonegap
  • Events
  • Working with the Device, the Network, and Notifications
  • Accelerometer, Compass, Geolocation
  • Media, Camera
  • Files, Storage
  • Contacts
  • Capture
  • Creating a Note-Taking Application

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