EPUB 310 – EPUB: Creating eBooks with Adobe InDesign

Class Description
In this 2-day class Participants learn how to use the software they already use to create print books-InDesign-for the emerging eBook market. Beginning with an overview of digital publishing for the eBook marketplace, the course demonstrates how to prepare existing InDesign files for optimal EPUB and Kindle conversion. The course covers applying professional text formatting, validating EPUBs, and incorporating search-engine friendly metadata, as well as setting up publisher accounts at the major eBook distribution channels and selling eBooks directly to readers through an e-commerce site. While not required to attend we strongly suggest that students bring their personal e-reader such as an iPad or Kindle to test projects on.

Course Benefits

  • Understanding eBooks and eBook publishing
  • Examining the EPUB format
  • Using layout order, the Articles panel, and XML tags to manage content flow
  • Formatting with paragraph and character styles
  • Creating a cover image
  • Optimizing images
  • Exporting InDesign content to an EPUB
  • Including drop caps, pull quotes, and text wraps
  • Acquiring an ISBN for eBooks
  • Converting an EPUB to Kindle, iBookstore, and Nook formats
  • Distributing eBooks with resellers and aggregators

Suggested Prerequisites
While it’s not absolutely mandatory, this class is not intended for people brand new to InDesign.

Course Outline

  • Making Students First eBook
  • Cover Art, Book Metadata, & Expanding EPUBs
  • Paragraph Rules, Background Colors, & Margin/Padding
  • Converting to the Kindle Format (Mobi/KF8)
  • Alt Text for Images

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