Creative Cloud Web 110 – Adobe Creative Cloud Web QuickStart

Class Description
Packed full of real-world tips and techniques, this class offers 3-days of introductory training on the latest versions of Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver. This class starts with an overview of each software item and moves Participants quickly into learning the workflow from one product to another. Participants will learn essential techniques in each program, so Participants can get Participants work done fast while maintaining Participants’ creative edge and style. Develop and improve Participants web production skills with this complete resource created specifically for design professionals who need to create websites and interactive projects using the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Course Benefits

  • Taking Advantage of Adobe Bridge
  • Photoshop- Exploring Photoshop
  • Photoshop- Getting to Know the Workspace
  • Photoshop- Photoshop Basics
  • Photoshop- Making the Best Selections
  • Photoshop- Painting and Retouching
  • Photoshop – Creating a Good Image
  • Dreamweaver Jumpstart
  • Dreamweaver- Setting up a new Site
  • Dreamweaver – Adding Texts and Images
  • Dreamweaver – Styling Students Pages with CSS
  • Dreamweaver- Managing Students Website
  • Animate – Animate Jumpstart
  • Animate- Getting Started with the Drawing Tools
  • Animate – Creating Basic Animation
  • Animate – Delivering Students Final Movie

Suggested Prerequisites
Knowledge of your operating system and basic computer navigation is required for all classes. This class is designed for the beginner level and no prior experience is necessary. We also recommend that you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription before starting the class. You can purchase the subscription or obtain a trial version of it from

Adobe Photoshop

  • Discovering the Tools panel
  • Selection, Cropping & Measuring Tools
  • Retouching and Painting Tools
  • Drawing and Type Tools
  • Adding to & subtracting from selections
  • Feathering the selection
  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Making difficult selections with the Refine Edge tool
  • Using Quick Mask
  • Saving selections

Adobe Animate

  • The stage and work area
  • The Animate Tools Panel
  • The Property Inspector
  • Panels and panel groups
  • The Timeline
  • Practicing with the Animate tools
  • Animation in action
  • Drawing in Flash
  • Using the Merge Drawing mode

Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Design and layout Tools
  • Coding environment and text editor
  • Mobile Design and development
  • Dreamweaver’s workspace features
  • Live view and live code
  • Code navigator
  • Photoshop smart objects
  • Support for content management systems
  • HTML and CSS starter pages

Related Classes

Our goal is to make sure your class meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are treated as guides to help steer the workshop. This outline does not guarantee that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered is based on the skill level of the student audience. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation.