Audition 101 – Adobe Audition Essentials

Class Description

Adobe Audition provides a comprehensive audio post solution for virtually any type of sound production work – from broadcasting to podcasting. In this 2-day Adobe Audition training class, you will learn to use this comprehensive, professional audio editing tool to edit audio faster and with greater precision. Accelerate restoration processes with accurate noise reduction and sound removal. Perform precise clip spotting with new features for audio alignment, keyframe editing, and clip timing.

Course Benefits

  • Learn to sweeten sound for video projects
  • Remove background noise
  • Learn to integrate Audition into production workflow

Who Should Attend

  • Video editors and filmmakers
  • Broadcasters and podcasters
  • Sound restoration experts
  • Musicians & audio engineers

Suggested Prerequisites

This class is appropriate for novice to intermediate level users of Audition. It is only expected that users have a basic understanding of why and how they expect to use Audition in their environment. 

Course Outline

  • Setting up Adobe Audition CC  
  • The Audition interface
  • Waveform editing
  • Effects
  • Audio Restoration
  • Mastering
  • Use effects to improve the sound of a mixed, stereo piece of music
  • Apply EQ to reduce “mud,” emphasize the kick drum, and articulate cymbals
  • Apply dynamics to give music more apparent level, which can also help overcome background noise in cars and other environments
  • Create ambience for music that has a dry, sterile sound
  • Alter stereo imaging to create a wider stereo effect
  • Make small edits to emphasize particular parts of a piece of music
  • Use diagnostic tools to monitor level and phase
  • Sound design
  • Creating and recording files
  • Multitrack sessions
  • Multitrack session editing
  • Automation
  • Video soundtracks
  • The essential sound panel
  • The multitrack mixer
  • Creating music with sound libraries
  • Recording and output in the multitrack editor
  • Mixing

Related Classes

Our goal is to make sure your class meets your objectives, not ours. Therefore, all of our outlines are treated as guides to help steer the workshop. This outline does not guarantee that all the topics listed will be covered in the time allowed. The amount of material covered is based on the skill level of the student audience. We may change or alter course topics to best suit the classroom situation.